If you want to use our software in the future, for example at subsidiaries or other locations, there are a few things to consider. 

To make this easier for you, we have compiled a checklist. 

Questions asked beforehand:

  1. Does your organisational structure change due to the rollout?
    If necessary, a restructuring must be carried out before the rollout or can the new company/site be embedded in the existing organisational structure?
  2. What time frame have you set for yourselves?
    Some topics are more complex and require more time. Therefore, please contact us as early as possible.
  3. What is the name of the new company to be included?
  4. Will a new system URL/domain be needed?
    Only one system URL/domain can be used per system. The system URLis the website through which you reach the system. Applicants will also see it in the application form at the latest.
     Example:You were previously Apple GmbH. Your system URL was www.carreer-apple.dvinci-hr.com.
    Pears GmbH is added to the system. You both belong to the fruit group.
    Now it would make sense to use a new URL (e.g.  career-fruit-group.dvinci-hr.com) so that no applicant is irritated. 


General system changes affecting many areas of the system


  • Will English-speaking countries be added?
    In this case, English should be stored as a mandatory language.
  • Are other languages relevant?
    If so, the following things should be noted: 
    • All dynamic content must be translated
    • If we do not yet have the requested language in our repertoire, the übersetzung will take approx. 4-6 weeks.
    • Languages with right-to-left spelling are technically not possible.

Organisational levels/units

  • If the creation of the new organisational unit is accompanied by a previous move of the existing structure, a restructuring is necessary beforehand. Please contact us in this case. 

Roles and permissions

  • Are changes to existing roles necessary?
    Please check whether the permissions included fit the way the new unit will work.
  • Are new roles needed?


  • Which users should/have to continue to act globally and should be able to see everything?
  • Which users are not allowed to see the other units?
  • Creation of new users

User groups

  • Can new users be added to existing user groups?
  • Are new user groups needed?
  • On which organisational unit should the user groups be located?

Master data

  • What new companies need to be created?
    If necessary, the description texts must be created in the same way as the existing ones. 
  • What other master data is needed?
    Please note:
    Master data such as category or places of employment should be created globally if they are relevant for all organisational units. This avoids them appearing twice and also being visible twice externally (filtering on the career page, interface) and filling the system unnecessarily.  
  • Is there master data that always applies globally?
    For example, with target groups you cannot select an organisational unit.

Correspondence- and/or format templates

  • Is it necessary to adapt the organisational unit for existing templates?
    Please note:
    Existing templates cannot be moved.
  • Should new correspondence and format templates be created? 

Publication channels and Application portals

  • Do you want to create more publication channels and application portals?
    This is necessary if the new unit is published separately on its own career page.
  • Job advertisement templates and questionnaires can be created individually for the new unit (if necessary also with separate data protection texts).


  • Are there any special features that need to be observed/adjusted?


  • Is a new workflow relevant or can the existing one(s) be used?

Application status

  • Is it ok to embed this with in the existing workflow?
    Caution: If other routines need to be defined, it is essential to embed new statuses/workflows

Screening questions

  • Does the new unit need its own/new screening questions for the application process?



Important notices

The integration of additional companies/locations does not normally change your existing contracts. 

  • There must, however, be a contract by number of employees. Please check this and contact us if this is not the case.
  • If you add new employees, the calculation basis for the monthly fee will change.
  • Please inform us proactively about the new number of employees.

Each new language is subject to a fee. Just write to us for a quote.
All fields created by you must be translated by yourself at the end of the day.

The design of your application portal, job list, job advertisement or application form needs to be adapted? We will be happy to arrange a consultation with our colleagues in charge. They will send you an offer.

Rollout support
You need advice on how to proceed, want a check if you have thought of everything or are currently lacking manpower? Feel free to contact us. We will discuss together how we can support you and make you an individual, non-binding offer.

Training for new staff
The new users of the integrated new site are only as good as their know-how. If we can introduce the new staff to the d.vinci system, please let us know. 

Feel free to contact us