Explanation of terms

Correspondence templates are templat texts for repeated message sending. These templates can be used as often as desired when sending messages. This keeps message texts consistent and reduces fluency errors.

For actions involving message sending, you can select a template whose text is copied into the HTML editor. Before sending, you can modify the text if necessary.


Open the page Correspondence Template to create a new one via + Correspondence template or presses on an existing entry to modify an existing correspondence template. By clicking the Copy button in the details of a correspondence template, you can easily copy existing templates to make minor changes to the new template and save time. System correspondence templates cannot be copied.

Read more here for a fully comprehensive guide: Get started with: Correspondence Templates


Behavior in system

How our customers use this

You always use at least the correspondence template for the confirmation email. You can also use individual confirmation emails per job opening.
If you want to communicate with applicants via d.vinci, invite them to appointments or send them other messages via the system, it is advisable to create your own correspondence templates for the various cases.
In German many customers have their own correspondence template per address. It is advisable in this case to write the title in the format (DU) Invitation to the first meeting and (SIE) Invitation to the first meeting, in order to maintain a good overview.