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v2023.10 + v2023.11 (05/22/2023 + 06/01/2023)

In these releases, we have dedicated ourselves to further preparations for the new version of our employee portal. Take a look at what's next for d.vinci Onboarding for more details on what we have planned for you and your onboardees.

v2023.09 (05/04/2023)


Help Assistant

We are excited to introduce our new help assistant! With step-by-step instructions and news directly in the software, you will be able to work faster and more efficiently with your d.vinci. Whether you have challenges navigating the software or are curious about new features, our help assistant is always there to assist you.

The help assistant is accessible to all users, but don't worry - we've made sure that the content is restricted according to user permissions. This way, your colleagues will only see the instructions and news that are relevant to them.

We are eager to hear your feedback on the new help assistant and look forward to using your help to further improve the user experience in d.vinci. Just try it out and let us know what you think. We are convinced that the new assistant will help you to make your work even more successful.

You can find more information here: Help Assistant

In the initial period, the help assistant is only available in German.



Transferring answers to screening questions over to Onboarding

Applicants' answers to screening questions can now be transfered from Applicant Tracking over to Onboaring by starting an onboarding direclty from an application, in addition to using the handover feature.


After onboarding is created by direct start or handover, there may be a slight delay in data transfer. If you do not see the answers to screening questions in Onboarding, please wait a moment and refresh the page.

What you must do

The feature has to be set up first. Read more about it here: Transfer Answers to Screening Questions to Onboarding

v2023.08 (04/20/2023)


Transferring answers to screening questions over to Onboarding

Applicants can answer screening questions. These answers can now be transfered once from Applicant Tracking over to Onboaring when the handover feature is put in use. This elliminates the need of manually maintaining this data.


In case an onboarding is started directly from an application, the screening question data will not be transfered over to Onboarding.

What you must do

The feature has to be set up first. Read more about it here: Transfer Answers to Screening Questions to Onboarding

NEWNew column with employee portal names in reports
In your exports to an Excel spreadsheet, you will now find a new column with the name of the employee portal of the respective onboarding.

v2023.07 (04/05/2023)


Send individual attachments by Send Message

When using the button Send Message  in Onboarding, you can now upload individual attachments by + Attachment. These will be sent with the correspondence. 

For example, you can send an individual supplemental agreement to the employment contract for only this employee.


Correspondence templates

Correspondence templates are sorted alphabetically in the selection menus.


Automatic employee portal access

If at an onboarding without an email address access data to the employee portal get send automatically, this task remains open. The persons responsible for the task will see a red task symbol until it has been completed manually.  


v2023.06 (03/23/2023)



A few weeks ago we updated the frame and the menu to make for a clearer orientation and more effective use.

We made a few minor changes to improve the user experience even more.

  • It is clearer which item you are about to add to the My Menu.
  • Styling of menu items, such as the application search, has been improved.
  • Menu items with long names are wrapped so that these names are now readable in full.
  • The mobile view of the open menu has been improved.
  • The icons for collapsing and expanding the menu sidebar are now clearer.
  • The mobile view header has been improved.

v2023.05 (03/09/2023)


A change in receivining system emails

Starting March 21, we will use new IP addresses for sending system emails. This means that emails about daily notifications, tasks, etc. will be coming from the IP network

You can find the information here as well: Basic Settings: Email.

What you must do

Should you have whitelisted our mail server, please add the new IP addresses for a continued sending of emails. Please contact your IT department and forward the text of this entry. They will then know which IPs to add.

This has nothing to do with the IP access rules for your system. You can still log in to the system using the IP addresses you have stored. Only our mail dispatch will change. You as administrators of d.vinci do not have to do anything. Your colleagues from the IT department, however, if necessary to further ensure that you can receive e-mails from your d.vinci system.


Reply to messages

We have improved the display of replies to meeages.

It now clearly shows you the email address to which the message is sent.


Display of portal articles

If two portal articles were associated with a task and one article was deleted, it was possible that both articles were still displayed in the employee portal. This is no longer the case. 

v2023.04 (02/23/2023)


Application ID in the Reporting API

In the OData Reporting API, the application ID is now also transferred in the onboardings report. The prerequisite is that the onboarding was preceded by an application that was managed in Applicant Tracking.

Your advantage

By linking the application to onboarding, questions such as the following can be easily answered: Which source leads to the most successful onboardings? Do more conversations during the application process lead to more successful onboardings?

Onboarding data can now also be enhanced by data from the application's job opening, for instance about the department, category, cost unit, etc.

Take a look here to get an overview of all available data: OData Reporting API.
Here's how to set up the Reporting API for yourself: Get Started With: Reporting API

v2023.03 (02/09/2023)


Preparations for the new employee portal

We are getting ready to present you with our new employee portal. Want a sneak peek? Read here about what you can expect: What's next? — d.vinci Onboarding


Loading times of portal articles

In special configurations, unusually long loading times could occur when editing portal articles. This behavior has been fixed.

v2023.02 (01/26/2023)


Display error in time selection

In the process of creating onboardings, the options for time selection are displayed correctly again. This fix was already implemented prior to the release.

v2023.01 (01/16/2023)


New button arrangement in Tasks section

In Onboarding, in the Tasks tab, we have changed the order of buttons so that you can utilize those which are being used frequently even faster.

Buttons are grayed out as long as they are not usable, for instance when no task has been selected yet.

Buttons which are primarily used elsewhere in the system have been hidden from view.