If you are planning to change your company name, there are some questions you should ask yourself in advance with regard to your d.vinci.

Questions in advance:

  1. Is it just a renaming or also a change in the structure?
  2. Does the domain have to be renamed?
    In other words, the address through which you reach the system and which the applicants see, depending on the integration method, at the latest when you fill out the Application Questionnaire?
    Read more about domain changes here.
  3. Do your Email addresses change?
    Please let us know so that we can continue to write to you. We need the data for our CRM.
  4. Is your company name changing?

    In this case, we need to set up some functions of the Candidate Experience module again, so that the options Use XING profile and Use LinkedIn profile can still be used by the applicants in the Applicant Boegen. Please write us an email about this.

In addition, there are then some things to change in the system.

We always recommend to check the items in the menu step by step.

General system changes affecting many areas of the system

  • Check of Job Openings
    • Is the Organizational Unit correct?
    • Is the company correct?
    • Is the user group correct?
  • Check of Hiring Requests
    • Does the Organizational Unit fit?
      It is not possible to move Hiring Requests to another Organizational Unit. The current Hiring Request would have to be copied and created on the new Organizational Unit.
  • Check of email addresses of mailboxes
    • Does a renaming have to take place?
  • Check of the Correspondence Templates and Template Layouts
    • Is there still somewhere the old company name not inserted by placeholders?
  • Check of publication templates
    • Texts and images
  • Check of Screening Questions
    • Formulations
  • Check of Form Fields
    • Formulation
  • Check of Users
    • Do users need to be moved to other Organizational Units?
    • Have the Email addresses changed?
    • Is the company name mentioned for the position or department?
  • Check of User Groups
    • Do they need to be renamed?
    • Do they need to be moved to a new Organizational Unit?
      If necessary, they have to be newly created and stored in the Job Openings.


      Tip for swapping user groups. Create the user groups anew with the addition (new). Leave the old ones as they are. Open the Job Opening overview and filter for the old user group. You will see a list of Job Openings where the new user group must be entered.
      If the user group is stored in the Job Opening, the old one can be deleted.

  • Check of Organizational Unitsand Levels
    • Change of the organizational structure/naming
  • Check of Master Data
    • Do the benefits texts contain the company name?
    • Renaming of the companies in the Master Data
  • Check of Basic Settings
    • Is the default Email sender different?
    • Does the text for the Help menu in the Options tab need to be changed?
  • Check of Reports
    • Is there still old data (company e. g. mentioned)

Layout/Job Advertisements

  • Favicon and logo in the layout
  • Colors in the layout
  • Fonts in the layout
  • Texts in the Job Advertisement Template
  • Images in the Job Advertisement Templates
  • Texts in Job Publication Templates
  • Images in the Job Publication Templates
  • Texts in Job Publications
  • Images in the Job Publications
  • Check of Application Portals
    • Name and URL of the Application Portal, as the URL may be visible to the applicant
  • Check of Media
    • Are there logos somewhere in the picture?
  • Check of Questionnaires
    • Applicant Questionnaire texts and images
    • Questionnaire (to send) texts and images
    • Feedback sheet texts and images


If far-reaching changes to the layout are necessary because the entire design of the Job Openings is changing, please contact us with a draft or a very detailed description of how it should look in the future.
We will then send you an offer and create a new layout for you.


In general, you can always ask us to check your system with regard to the change of name. We will then go through this together with you and make an offer afterwards according to the effort involved.