We recommend that you do not go live with the d.vinci system until your internal processes are set up in d.vinci and your system is configured and prepared to receive and process applications.

An initial test phase with a small group of users makes it easier for you to get started and helps to make final adjustments to the configuration.

Check that the following preparations have been made:

For internal use by your colleagues:

Areas which applicants can see external:

  • Are the job advertisement templates in your design and filled with suitable content?
  • Is the job advertisement widget created in your design and embedded on the website?
  • Is the "Apply with..." function in the applicant form activated (only for Candidate Experience Modul) and set up?
  • Are the correspondence templates for communicating with applicants worded and designed to match your employer brand?


Inform us as soon as your go-live date is fixed and, if you wish, again a week before. We will be happy to check with you whether you are ready to go live and which improvements can still be made if necessary.