v.2022.25 (12/15/2022)

In this sprint, we fully dedicated ourselves to the planned developments in the employee portal and accordingly did not implement any new features this time.

v2022.24 (12/01/2022)


Notes to the appearance of a portal article

To make it clear when a selected portal article appears, we have added a note in the task and in the task template.


Form fields with few letters

Form field names with less than 3 letters are now also accepted.
Example: A or IT

v2022.23 (11/17/2022)


What's next
We are currently working on major developments in the background.
You should definitely have a look in our What's next to get an idea what we are planning for the future!

v2022.22 (11/03/2022)

BetterStatistical data when deleting onboardings
Once an onboarding is completed, it is usually deleted from the system for data protection reasons. Until now, you have not had the option to decide whether you want to keep the statistical data of an oboarding to use it later for data analysis in your reports. Statistical data is not personal (e. g. Reason for hire, Task creation date, Task due date). Deleted onboardings cannot be restored.

Typically, you will always want to keep the statistical data for your reports. However, if you have created fake onboardings for testing purposes, you would not want to keep the statistical data, otherwise your reports would be inaccurate.

We have added "Yes/No" radio buttons to the modal window for onboarding deletion and a hint text as well.

v2022.21 (10/20/2022)

BetterBulk deletion of tasks
Sometimes you find that certain onboarding tasks are not necessary or no longer needed for an onboarding process. From now on, you can also delete such tasks in bulk.

Deleting multiple tasks of an onboarding
Open the Tasks tab of an onboarding and select the desired tasks to be deleted.

Then, click the -button und click Delete Selected.

An overview of the task titles will be displayed. If you agree, confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete Selected button.

Delete tasks of different onboardings
Open the Onboardings page. On the Dashboard, open the Tasks tab. If necessary, set filters to limit the number of tasks displayed. Select the desired tasks. Then, click the -Button and click Delete Selected.

An overview of the task titles and names of onboardees will be displayed. If you agree, confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete Selected button.
BetterFinding onboardees faster
In version 2022.20, we have moved the "Find Onboardee" field in the onboarding filter to the very top, so you do not need to scroll. From now on, as soon as you open the filter, the Find Onboardee field is activated, enabling you to start typing immediately.

v2022.20 (10/06/2022)

BetterContentless portal articles in the employee portal
Every now and then, you create a portal article that you assign a descriptive title to (e. g. "Benefits") but that does not require any content. Previously, articles without content were not displayed in the employee portal. We took a closer look at this behavior and decided to display portal articles of this type in the portal as well.

BetterFiltering of onboardings
When filtering onboardings, you often want to look up the onboardee. Until now, this filter was located at the very bottom under the name "Onboardee". We have renamed this filter to "Find Onboardee" and moved it to the very top so you do not have to scroll anymore. The behavior of the filter remains unchanged: the search is already carried out by the first letters of the first or last name.

v2022.19 (09/22/2022)

NEWHint for comments on completed tasks
When you write a comment to a completed task, the system will automatically inform you which responsibilities will be notified separately about your comment. You can also configure the recipients of a task comment in the editing mode of a task, in the field Notify When Done.

BetterHints in input fields
Gray hints in input fields will now be automatically hidden from view as soon as you have clicked into the field. By that, you will no longer be visually disturbed by these hints when entering your content. This behavior has been improved system-wide.

v2022.18 (09/08/2022)

NEWCorrespondence templates can be copied
Onboarding correspondence templates can be similar in structure and differ mainly in content, e. g. in details about location or team. From now on, there is no need to manually copy this content from one template to the other, because we have implemented the feature of copying correspondence templates. Feel free to give it a try!
FixedPortal tasks in the employee portal
There was one case when neither newly created nor overdue portal tasks were displayed in the employee portal. The technical error was discovered an fixed in time.

v2022.17 (08/25/2022)

NEWForm fields of additional information as placeholders
Master data of an onboardee and additional information , e. g., the shoe or t-shirt size can be entered from now on by placeholder in tasks (in task description). The placeholder's name will be generated for you automatically once you have created or edited the form field.
We recommend that you do not enter any sensitive data in the form field. The content may also be sent to external recipients (outside the system) and visible without a viewing permission for the field. If you still want to enter sensitive data, it is best to consult your data protection officer beforehand.

Hotfix (08/12/2022)

Unfortunately, an irregularity occurred in the display of the time of the first working day of onboardees. We have corrected the misbehavior, but the incorrect display of the time for the first working day of onboardees may still occur.


Please edit the start time on the first day for all onboardees created between 07/28/22 to 08/12/22 or for which the start time was edited during this period.

v2022.16 (08/11/2022)


Comment at the hand over appears in the onboarding history

The comment you wrote down in the hand over of an application to the onboarding is now displayed in the onboarding history.

This means that information and notes from recruiting that are relevant for onboarding can be viewed in a central location.


Personal data in tasks

In the mask for creating and modifying a task, we have added a note requesting that no personal data be used in the task title for data protection reasons. This is important because the task title is output for reporting purposes in the reporting API and is therefore not automatically deleted when data is reduced or deleted.


Filtering by task title improved

From now on it doesn't matter if you capitalize or lowercase the task title when filtering tasks. They will be displayed in the search results in any case.


Improved receipt of answered emails

If there is a reply to a assigned task or a sent comment via email, the feedback is now received in the d.vinci Onboarding inbox.


Naming the employee portal settings

The heading of the employee portal is now also named as you have named it when editing the data. A technical term had crept in here.


v2022.15 (07/28/2022)

BetterCorrespondence for assigning a task
The onboardee details were out of focus in correspondence for assigning a task, as using placeholders can result in long task descriptions. Therefore, we have redesigned the layout of the correspondence by moving these details to the top. The task description and the hint, if there is one, follow right after.
BetterSender name in Email to Onboardee
Messages to onboardees were sent without a sender name. This made the messages in an onboardee´s inbox look impersonal and it was often difficult for onboardees to assign them to a discussion.
From now on, the first and last name of the logged-in user will be used as the sender name for manually triggered correspondence, while the name of the company associated with the onboarding will be used for correspondence sent by the system. If, however, there is no company saved in the master data in the latter case, a static name is entered as the sender of the correspondence, namely "Onboarding team".
BetterCreating tasks simplified
The form for creating a task was complex and contained many features that are superfluous in the majority of cases. Therefore, we redesigned the form so that the focus is directed at the upper area. The lower area with additional features now consists of blocks that can be activated by clicking the switch buttons for special cases. In addition, we have updated the terminology for the last additional feature - Send Message to Onboardee - to make it clear who is the recipient of the correspondence about the created task.
We believe that by redesigning the form we have made creating tasks more intuitive and pleasant for you.
BetterColumn names in the Excel sheet
After exporting the onboarding data to an Excel file, information abou the onboarding processes was displayed under the column name Onboardee. For a better overview, we have changed this column name to Onboarding.
In this context, we have also added the word Phase to the names of columns related to the phases of an onboarding process (Declaration of Intent, Preboarding, Onboarding, Supervision) for a better understanding.
FixedEmail for Assigned Task now in primary language
When assigning a task to an external email address, the correspondence was automatically sent in the language of our development system, i. e. in English. From now on, this correspondece will be sent in the primary language of your d.vinci system.

v2022.14 (07/14/2022)


Analyze Onboarding data via Reporting API

Via the Reporting API, onboarding data can now be evaluated.

You can see data on onboarding itself, onboardees and tasks. 

What for?

With the data you can, for example, graphically evaluate in PowerBI at which location your onboardees start or which entry reason is the most frequent. In conjunction with data from applicant management, you can evaluate which source was used for an application, which onboarding was successful and much more. 


  • You are already using the reporting interface in applicant management?
    You can now easily load data from Onboarding as well.
  • You aren't using the reporting interface yet?
    Read here how you can configure it: Get started with: Reporting API

Feel free to give us feedback on this feature. We want to develop it according to your needs.


User photo in the header

In the header next to your name, you will see your photo if it was previously uploaded in the user


E-mail language for automatically transferred task

When a task is transferred automatically, the primary language of the system is used for the e-mail.


Column naming in Excel export of onboardings

We have named the columns V to AB more clearly.


v2022.13 (06/30/2022)


Opening documents

How a document is opend now dependent on the browser settings. Depending on the settings, documents are now no longer downloaded automatically, but open in a new window.


Title of the Employee Portal

If you hold the mouse over the tab of the employee portal, the title "Employee portal" is now displayed.

This is also the text when creating a bookmark.
Before the title was the whole link of the employee portal.


v2022.12 (06/16/2022)


Our wording has changed 

A single New Employee is now an Onboardee and the process is the Onboarding.

The functionality was not changed, only the terminology.

Bit by bit, we will also adapt the articles here in the help portal accordingly.

The Word Entry Date was replaced by First Working Day.


New grouping according to the Reason for Entry

If you click on the button  Onbordings   in the overview of onboardings, Onboardings can now also be grouped according to the Reason for Entry. This allows you to see at a glance how many people are onboarding with which entry reason and what the overall status of the tasks to be completed is.


v2022.11 (06/02/2022)


Our wording is changing

In one of the next releases we will change our wording in the software a little bit.

A single New Employee will become an Onboardee, multiple New Employees will be Onboardings and the process will then be Onboarding.

The functionality will not change, only the terminology.

Bit by bit, we will also adapt the articles here in the help portal accordingly. 


Display of the number of onboardings

In the Onboardings overview, there is now a number badge behind the New Employees tab. This shows at a glance how many onboardings are currently running. The number on the badge changes with the filter that is currently set.


New filter 

Onboardings can now also be filtered by Reason for Entry.


Naming placeholder for due tasks

The placeholder for displaying the title for the reminder of due tasks is now correctly named Task - Title Portal Task and accordingly also references the title and no longer the internal name. 


v2022.10 (05/19/2022)


Single sign-on configuration at Azure Active Directory requires an update

Otherwise the SSO cannot be used from today (05/19 at 6:30 PM) on anymore.

Please forward these instructions to your IT manager: Click here for instructions
All administrators of d.vinci will receive a warning message as a pop-up until the adjustment is done.


Reminder about due tasks in the Employee Portal

The new feature is active immediately. In case you have not yet edited the correspondence template for this feature (see previous release), the applicants will only receive a reminder about due tasks that might correspond to your company-wide language style. If necessary, please adjust these as soon as possible.


Task list in New Employee

We have made the task list view clearer.
You can access the task list by opening a New Employee - you will land directly in the Tasks tab and thus in the task list.


Recognisability of selected tasks

When selecting multiple tasks, these are now highlighted in a distinct color.


v2022.9 (05/05/2022)


Single sign-on configuration at Azure Active Directory requires an update

Otherwise the SSO cannot be used from May the 20th on.

Please forward these instructions to your IT manager: Click here for instructions
All administrators of d.vinci will receive a warning message as a pop-up until the adjustment is done.


Reminder about due tasks in Employee Portal

The new employee receives an email about tasks that are due in the Employee Portal. This email is sent to the employee one day before the due date of the task.

More information here: Reminder about due tasks in the Employee Portal

Today, we are introducing a new correspondance template called Employee Portal: Reminder about your task


Please edit this correspondence template by May 19 so that it corresponds to your language style and your corporate communication guidelines.

On May 19, we launch the feature and it might happen that a new employee will receive a message about due tasks on May 20 for the first time.

This is the current text we deliver:

NEWLast login in Employee Portal
The date when an employee was last logged-in can now be found on the New Employee page, on the Employee Portal tab.


v2022.8 (04/21/2022)


Single sign-on configuration needs an update

Otherwise the SSO cannot be used from May 20th on.

Please forward these instructions to your IT manager: Click here for instructions


Personnel number in the dashboard of onboadings

In the list of onboardings, the personnel number is now also visible behind the name of the new employee. It is displayed with a hashtag (#) in front of it.

v2022.7 (04/07/2022)


Single sign-on configuration needs an update

Otherwise the SSO cannot be used from May 20th on. 

Please forward these instructions to your IT manager: Click here for instructions


Reset password in the employee portal

Your employees forgot the password for the employee portal? You no longer need to reset the portal access. Your employees can now reset their password themselves and assign a new one.


We deliver two new correspondence templates for this purpose:

  • Password reset
  • Password has been reset

Please adapt the templates so that the texts fit best into your individual company communication.


Help texts  for images

A help text is now displayed below the image upload field when creating portal articles and creating portal taks and while configurating the an employee portal.

This lists: Allowed file formats, maximum file size and recommended dimensions of the image.


Multiple selection of tasks

If tasks cannot be completed when multiple selections are made, a hint page appears. This shows which tasks are not completed.


Texts when using the media buttons 

Some texts were displayed in English in the German view. 


Display errors in Safari 

When using the Safari browser, display errors occurred that hindered usability.

v2022.6 (03/24/2022)


Single sign-on confguration needs an update

By May 19, customers using single sign-on must make changes in their identity provider. Otherwise, the SSO cannot be used after that date.
Administrators will see a corresponding note with a link to our instructions after logging in.

Please provide this guide to your IT managers and ask them to make the changes:
Click here for the instructions


Logic when creating a Task/Task Template

In the near future we will simplify the mask for creating tasks. We have implemented a first aspect.

In the employee portal area, selection options are now only displayed if the selection makes logical sense.


  • If Show Task: When Soon Due is selected, I will get the option to select a created task in Portal Task afterwards. 
  • If Show Task: Never is selected, the Portal Tasks field is not displayed because it would have no effect.

Media buttons in portal articles

In portal articles, the following content can be added using three buttons in the editor:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Horizontal line

Password security for access to the employee portal

The security token was designed so that it could also be used as a password. This is not longer possible.


Display of the Assignable Task

When completing a Assignable Task, the yellow badge now clearly indicates which input form you are in.

v2022.5 (03/10/2022)


Complete multiple tasks

Tasks can now also be completed via multiple selection in the employee view.


Password validation

If there was no default portal, errors occurred during password validation.

v2022.4 (2/24/2022)


Rules for user name and password are displayed (employee portal)

If an employee wants to log in to the employee portal, the user will see the password and user name policy under the fields user name and password.

v2022.3 (2/10/2022)

NEWMinimum password length adjustable

The minimum password length can be changed via the Security tab in the Basic Settings for all users. 8 characters are still the minimum. There are no upper limits.

Users who already have a password are not affected by the change. They will not be prompted to set a new password. For existing users, it will only be relevant when their password is reset or they request a new password.


You want all or certain d.vinci users to use a longer password?

You can reset the password manually for the user or export a user export, take the email addresses from it and ask the users via email to set a new password.


The Icon for the task property (v2022.S appeared at all task. Now it just shows up at tasks that have the property portalarticle.

v2022.2 (01/27/2022)


The individual rights contained in the permission Data, Attachments, and History (of New Employees) | view get their own permissions. In this way, the single rights can be assigned individually

  • Data (of New Employees) | view
  • Attachments (of New Employees) | view
  • History (of New Employees) | view
  • New employees | view

In list views, properties of tasks and task templates are now more easily recognizable with icons.


The Excel export of onboardings now also lists the names of the responsible users. Previously, only their tasks were listed. This makes the raw Excel data more comprehensible.

v2022.1 (1/13/2022)

NEWComment Onboardings

Similar to the d.vinci Applicant Tracking, you can now comment onboardings. In the New Employee page you can now find the new  Comment button. Press this button to write comments and send them to other users. Comments are documented in the onboarding history.


In the portal settings you can deactivate the file upload in the employee portal. This can be useful if your applicants have difficulty with uploading files and frequently upload incorrect files, for example, or if you use other ways to submit data.


To improve display performance, in the Tasks tab, task descriptions are loaded only after the task is expanded  . This prevents long loading times for particularly large numbers of tasks or task descriptions.


Scrolling on the dashboard could be jerky in systems with particularly many onboardings.