The Release Notes provide an overview of current developments. An impression of what is to come in the future is given in the article What's Next.

You are looking for release notes of the last years? You can find them in the release notes archive.

v2023.25 (12/14/2023)


Organizational units in form fields

When creating or changing form fields , an organizational unit can now be selected. This means that the form fields can only be selected for job opening, hiring requests, hiring request templates and feedback questionnaires that have been created in this organizational unit and one below it. In the overview of the form fields, you will see a new column for the organizational unit.


If you have a business area in which, for example, a salary is to be entered, the form field can be created in this organizational unit and is only available there when creating job openings. In addition, by restricting the organizational unit, not all form fields may be displayed, which prevents confusion and maintenance of unused fields among your colleagues.

This is what needs to be done

In order to use the organizational units, all form fields that you want to assign to a specific organizational unit should be edited. The others remain in the top organizational unit and are still available to all colleagues.

When changes are made, the form fields in active job openings and hiring requests remain in their old form. The changes only take effect when new job openings or hiring requests etc. are created. If you want to change these, it is necessary to edit them.


Share buttons / social media button - X

The old Twitter logo has been replaced by the new X logo in all places we have access to. We cannot influence your career pages etc.


Job lists - Google Maps

When Google Maps is activated in the job lists, the filters API Key and Privacy Policy URL are displayed as mandatory fields, we have removed the specification of longitude and latitude, as you maintain these in the master data for the locations.

We have also adjusted the wording. One is now called "Consent Necessary"-Dialog" and continues to display the following message before the map is displayed when activated: "This display is taken from Google Maps. For more information, please see our privacy policy here."


Google for Jobs - Logo

In job advertisements for Google for Jobs, the logo in the job advertisement could not be read by Google. We have corrected this.


Master data - Deletion

An error page appeared when deleting master data. After deletion, you are now redirected to the previous page.


v2023.24 (11/30/2023)


Job list - feedback

We want to improve!

On the page job list, we are asking you for feedback on the job list. Please help us to improve the function by taking part in the survey. Simply click on the button Submit feedback. Thank you very much!


Questionnaire - Change of the application portal

In questionnaires the application portal could not be changed in certain constellations. We have fixed this.


File upload - File size

When the maximum size of a user photo was exceeded, an unexpected error was displayed. An error message now appears indicating that the limit has been exceeded.

Deactivation of a function

Data import

We have expanded the data import function due to the low number of applications


v2023.23 (11/16/2023)


Webinars (in German)

In the new year, we are offering you free webinars on frequently requested topics.

Click here for the topics and to register.

We look forward to seeing you!

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information (in German).


Job List - Job List Layout

For the job list there are four new job list layouts:

  • Tiles in 2 columns
  • Tiles with image in 2 columns
  • Tiles in 3 columns
  • Tiles with image in 3 columns

We have removed these selection options:

  • Full screen tiles
  • List with icons

The list of icons can be generated by selecting List and setting the Display Icons slider to on. Previously configured lists with icons will continue to work.

We have renamed this:

  • Plain is now called Base


Job Advertisement Templates - Organizational Unit

If you change the organizational unit in the job advertisement templates, you will now receive an error message with a recommendation for action if the job advertisement template is already being used in an application portal with a different organizational unit. The change cannot then be saved and we recommend that you create a new job advertisement template. For example, by copying the existing one.


Application Questionnaire - Apply with...

For a short period of time, the options Apply with... were only available to a limited extent. The application form was available at all times.


Send Job Advertisement - Display of the icons in the HTML view

The icons of the job advertisement, such as the start date or contract duration, could not be displayed correctly in the HTML document when sending a job advertisement.



  • In the system the order of the questions in Questionnaires did not match the external display. Internally and externally, the questions are now displayed in the same order.
  • Changes to the contents of the questionnaires were not visible externally, this is now the case again.
  • In some cases, changes to the content could not be saved. Saving can now be carried out as desired.

Login - special characters in user name

When using special characters in the user name, an error occurred during login.

v2023.22 (11/02/2023)


Excel raw data reports - deleted filter options

If filter options such as categories or target group were deleted in the master data, they were still displayed after deletion in the specific report for the filter. We have corrected this.

In the overall report without previously set filters, the previously deleted ones continue to be displayed, but in individual reports for specific filters they are no longer displayed.


Excel raw data reports - date seletion

If the correct format was not entered when selecting the date (for example D.M.YY instead of DD.MM.YYYY), the time frame for the report was sometimes output with an incorrect time span because the system misinterpreted the input. 

If an incorrect format is now used, an error message appears and the button for generating the Excel raw data report is hidden. Only after correcting the date the report can be generated.


v2023.21 (10/19/2023)


oData reporting API - deleted hiring requests
Deleted hiring requests can now be better identified via the oData reporting API.

  • Deleted hiring requests are now marked with the status "deleted".
  • For deleted hiring requests, the "hiringRequestURL" and "restApiUrl" fields remains empty.

Job publication channels - translations

If you are missing translations for job publication channels, you can now jump directly to the corresponding element via the link and update the translation in the missing language.


Google for jobs - application portal submission

When the function "Google for Jobs" was activated, an error occurred for a short time when registering new application portals, so that they were not registered with Google during this period. We have fixed this and changed the mode of the message so that this no longer occurs.


Feeback with kununu - declaration of consent

Feeback with kununu could also be submitted if no selection was made in the consent for publication on kununu. In addition, the questionnaire could not be sent if the data protection declaration was used. We have corrected both of these issues. 


Agency channels - Individual ad placement

In some cases it was not possible to place individual ads in the agency channels. We have fixed this.


Questionnaires - Language

For German-language questionnaires of the applicant feedback type, some questions were displayed in English. We have corrected this.


Layouts - linking at logo

In some cases, applicants were redirected to the job list when clicking on the logo in the job advertisement, even if this was configured differently in the layout. Your stored links now work again as desired.


v2023.20 (10/05/2023)


Job list - results list 

If you call up the advanced mode in the job list, you can now customise which information is displayed in the results list per tile for the job advertisements and change the order of the displayed information by drag and drop. You can also define the colour of the list entry and how it changes when the applicant hovers the mouse over it.

You can choose from the following information: 

  • Organisational Unit
  • Category
  • Location
  • Company
  • Target Group
  • Working Times
  • Contract Periods
  • Earliest Starting Date

This is especially practical for you if you are looking for talents at only one location, for one company, for one target group and so on, as this info does not have to be displayed again each time. 


Agency Channels - Adress in German

When configuring the agency channels in German we now address you informaly (by using "Du").   


URL - Security 

For lists that can be sorted, we have taken a precautionary measure to prevent reflected cross site scripting.


Reporting - Permanent posts 

For customers with a particularly large number of permanent posts, the data from 2022s permanent posts could not be displayed in the report. We have fixed this. 


v2023.19 (09/21/2023)


The help assistant says "bye-bye" - With new insights, the journey to improvement continues!

Since May, we have been testing the Help Assistant together. After careful evaluation, we have decided not to continue using the help assistant. As of 21.09.2023, it will no longer be available.

No worries! The help portal and our customer service will of course remain available and we will continue to work on providing you with the best possible help.

For more information: Help Assistant


Performance improvements 

We've been working to improve the performance of our software. Based on your feedback and our own testing, we've made improvements to give you a smoother and faster experience.

Includes for example:

  • Accelerated page response/load times
  • Reloading of content that is not immediately needed
  • Enhanced peak load testing
  • Optimised system monitoring

Candidate Experience Module - Apply with...

Caches are now invalidated when licence settings are changed so that the changes do not lead to error messages.


Job list - Filter

In individual cases, filter settings could not be activated with a certain constellation of job list settings. We have fixed this.


v2023.18 (09/07/2023)


The help assistant says "bye-bye" - With new insights, the journey to improvement continues!

Since May, we have been testing the Help Assistant together. After careful evaluation, we have decided not to continue using the help assistant. As of 21.09.2023, it will no longer be available.

No worries! The help portal and our customer service will of course remain available and we will continue to work on providing you with the best possible help.

For more information: Help Assistant


Job list - minor improvements

  • The icon for Update now has explanatory text when you hold the mouse over it.
  • Sort by is now filled with Publication date by default.
  • The fields Rounded corners and Font size can now also be changed via up and down arrow.
  • In the drop-down field font weight the numerical values (100 - 900) are now also given.
  • In the filter Displayed Language the available languages are now displayed in ful words (no longer abbreviated).
  • The configuration of Open Job Ad in New Window has been simplified. You can choose via a switch whether the new page should be opened in the existing window or in a new window. The default setting is New Window.
  • Translations for Englisch were corrected.


Job Opening - Filters 

In the menu item My Job Openings some publication channels were not displayed when selecting the filter Currently Published. We have now corrected this again, after the error could not be completely fixed in the last release. 


v2023.17 (08/24/2023)


Job list - copy function

You can copy already created job lists now. 


Job list - Overview

On the job list configuration page, the preview as well as the Save and Publish and Reset buttons remain visible on the page at all times.


Calendar Integration Plus - Confirmation email when booking appointments

The confirmation email is now sent from the candidate email address and all placeholders are selectable in the email.



Date selection

If a negative time period is selected in Reports, a note will appear to draw your attention to this. Only after correcting the period can the report be viewed.

Applicant feedback

An error could occur when displaying applicant feedbacks in the reporting. All feedbacks are now displayed in the report again.

Applicant feedbacks

An error could have occurred when displaying applicant feedbacks in the reporting. All feedbacks are now displayed in the report again.



Questionnaire for forwarding
Questionnaire for forwarding could not be sent if an upload field was present as a required field. We have fixed this. 


In special cases, changes in the tab Form could not be saved in questionnaires. We have fixed this.


Hiring Request - Tasks

Tasks from the approval process (example: a user has to approve a hiring request) were not displayed in the task list in case of special settings. This is fixed. 


Job Opening - Filters

In the menu item My Job Openings some publication channels were not displayed when selecting the filter Currently Published. We have corrected this.


Applications - Creation of application 

If a job opening was selected when creating an application, but not all mandatory fields were filled in, a general error page appeared. Now we show an error message that mandatory fields were not filled in and a correction can be made.


PDF conversion

There was a short downtime of PDF conversion. Documents could not be converted during this period. These attachments will now be re-converted to PDF on a subsequent basis.


v2023.16 (08/10/2023)


Job list - filter 

Filter labels can now be changed in advanced mode directly in the Filter area and are activated by default (Display filter: Yes).


Job list - job list layout

When selecting the job list layout with image, the images could not be displayed. This is now possible by deleting the already entered value "fields=small" in the query parameters. We have added a corresponding note to the query parameters:
"To load images in an image layout, please delete the pre-filled parameter "fields-small"."

If you delete the parameter in order to try out a job list layout with pictures and decide in the end to use a solution without pictures, please re-enter the parameter fields=small before generating the code. Otherwise, the job list may take longer to load in the web pages.


Job advertisement templates

If inline images were included in the job advertisement templates, the maximum number of characters could be exceeded. We now display an error message if more than 65,535 characters are entered. Saving is only possible if fewer characters are used.



After a recommendation was made, the activities tab in the application could not be accessed. We have corrected this,


v2023.15 (07/27/2023)


Activity Log

In the aktivity log it is now possible to see which user has deleted another user. 


Refreshing the job list

If you have opened a job advertisement in the existing window in the preview, you can now click on the "Refresh" button to return to the job list view.


Editing the job list

The job list properties (name and application portal) can now be edited directly.



E-mails with double curly brackets ({{TEXT}}) in the subject and content have ended up in spam. These will be delivered in the future. For your safety, we have disabled/not made executable JavaScript code that uses these brackets.


Application portal

In the application portal, images could not be deleted. We have corrected this. 


v2023.14 (07/13/2023)


Design your own job list

From now on you can design your own job lists.

You can easily set the font, colours, background colours and much more.

Filters help applicants find the right job faster. For example, if you have a specific target group or location in mind, you can create a job list with predefined filters that will only show the corresponding results.  

The resulting JavaScript widget can be embedded on your or any other website. If an agency is responsible for your website, you can send the code by e-mail. If you make changes to the list afterwards, it will also be visible directly on the page where the job list is displayed.

Look forward to more functions
We have marked the section as "experimental" because we want to develop it further in the next few months and add more features. We look forward to your feedback: Write an email

How to access the configuration option
Click on Menu and select the menu item Job list.
This is available to all users with this permission: Application portals | view/ edit/ create/ delete


Calendar integration plus - confirmation email when booking appointment

After applicants have selected and booked an appointment slot, they will now also receive a confirmation email with all information about the appointment. You can customise the correspondence template to suit your needs. It is called "Confirmation Appointment Selection by Applicant".

We recommend that you do not delete the placeholders when changing the correspondence template. These are used to represent the data of the appointment in the e-mail. Placeholders for the appointment are: 



Accessibility through alt-texts

For images in the media section, an alt text can now be maintained. This is a short image description or a short linguistic translation of the image content that is read out by screen readers instead of the image. In this way, people with visual impairments can grasp the content of the image.



XING/Onlyfy has revised the prices for their ad placement. The free ad placement via Onlyfy at Multiposting has been removed.

In Multiposting you will find numerous alternatives with corresponding prices.


Accessibility in job advertisements 

In the job advertisements, several images can be displayed one after the other as a slider/carousel. We have made this type of display more accessible. For example, the contrast of the control elements has been improved and screen readers can now handle the content better overall.

There are arrows on the sides that can be used to jump to the next image. A button can be used to pause the picture change. You can also see which picture is displayed first, second, etc.

Please check whether the display of your job advertisements is still error-free if you have selected several images in one job publication.



We have made the arrangement of fields more intuitive for creating Excel-Raw-Data-Reports.

The sorting within the filters is done alphabetically, a hint appears about the maximum size of the report and an error message if the selected data exceeds the allowed maximum number. In addition, it is now possible to load the next report directly after creating it, without having to refresh the page in between.


Success messages

We have changed the way success messages work in some areas of the application portal. Green success messages (e.g. after the successful creation of a new item) no longer shift the page view downwards.  


Job ad status in multiposting

The status of your job ad placed through multiposting was sometimes incorrect. For example, running ads were shown as expired. The status of the job advertisement is now correctly displayed.


Calendar integration Basic - Appointment cancellations

If an appointment was forwarded to an external participant, the appointment could not be cancelled in the applicant management. This has been corrected.


Reporting interface

In some cases, reports could not be retrieved via the reporting interface. This is now possible again without errors.


Report with special features

In the report, special indicators and self-created special indicators were output incorrectly. We have fixed this. 


User groups

Not all changes were logged in the history of alerts when adding or removing a user group changed the view permissions on the alert.

v2023.13 (06/29/2023)


CV parsing

To avoid errors when reading out application data, we have made an important adjustment when you use CV parsing. When entering an application from the messages, you now select the CV from a list of application documents. Open allows you to view the files before selecting them. This will reduce the likelihood of incorrect email addresses, dates or names in your applications. However, please continue to check the data carefully. The split screen view can help you with this. 

For applications without attachments, only the date of receipt will be set as the application date. If there is only one attachment, the selection menu will be skipped and the data of the attachment will be transferred to the application form. 

All attachments will of course still be transferred to the application.



Google for Jobs

Job advertisements via Google for Jobs have not been published as high up recently and, above all, with a strong time lag. We have been able to improve this and will continue to monitor this issue.



At the pages of the application portals some page headlines weren't visible. We have fixed this.


Document display

For a while, signed documents (you will be forwarded to Wikipedia) were rejected. These can now be displayed again, but the write protection is no longer present. If you want to verify the document, you should open the original document. For security reasons, however, we do not recommend opening original documents. More here:  Download attachments in original files


v2023.12 (06/15/2023)


View of organizational units

If you have more than 20 organizational units configured, the list view of the units will now be loaded first to achieve a better page load time.

You can switch to the tree structure by clicking on the icon at the side of the page. The selected view remains until the next logout.

BetterReporting API
To ensure performance when retrieving data via the reporting API, we have introduced a query limit. From now on, a user/tool can start a maximum of 5 queries per second. If you start more queries, an error will be displayed in your BI tool.



We have improved the performance when looking into the tasks. The task view should now load faster. We continue to monitor the issue.


Status change

In the execution of status changes, errors could occur. We have taken initial measures and continue to monitor the behaviour.


Permanent Posts

If permanent post were marked as listed in the reporting and then deleted, they were still listed in the reporting after the deletion. We have corrected this.


Calendar Integration Plus

When you wanted to connect over 50 romms, an error occurred. This is now fixed.  


v2023.11 (06/01/2023)


Split screen

When editing the personal data of an application, the split screen view (the splitscreen) can now also be used. This shows the fields of the application on one side and the attachments of the application on the other side.

If a conflict solution "same person" was made for the person being processed, the split-screen view will show the attachments that were originally uploaded in the application.


Accessibility of job advertisements

In the job publication, multiple images can be selected as panorama image and displayed one after another in the job advertisement.

For reasons of accessibility, however, it is currently recommended to display only one image. We have therefore included a note to this effect when creating the job publication.

"For optimal accessibility, pick only one image."


Maximum of objects in Excel raw data report

To ensure good performance of the Excel raw data reports, the maximum number of objects per report has been limited. If the query exceeds the maximum number, an error message is displayed.

Look here for more information: Excel Raw Data Reports


Screening questions

If the order of answers in the screening questions was changed, long loading times and errors could occur in some cases. We have improved this. 


MS teams appointments

If the MS Teams integration was not yet fully completed, an error message appeared when the status changed. 

We have supplemented this error message with further information and a link to the configuration article in the help portal so that your IT administrators can carry out the further set-up.


v2023.10 (05/22/2023)


API extended by data protection texts

Do job boards on which you publish your job advertisements require data protection texts from you? From now on, this is conveniently done.

We have added the property privacyPolicy to /jobs/{id}/applyApi GET request to our Application Apply REST API. With this property, the API will automatically retrieve your text of consent to privacy policy that you have confgured in the corresponding questionnaire.

FixedFailing status changes
When many users from larger systems were processing an application in parallel, it could happen from time to time that its status change failed. We have corrected the way how the system processes large amounts of data.
FixedUrgent tasks not displayed
In systems with a high level of complexity, for example due to a large number of permissions or organizational units, an error could occur in some cases when listing urgent tasks. We have adapted the technical solution to the new requirements so that even complex systems do not exhibit erroneous behavior at this point.

v2023.9 (05/04/2023)


Help Assistant

We are excited to introduce our new help assistant! With step-by-step instructions and news directly in the software, you will be able to work faster and more efficiently with your d.vinci. Whether you have challenges navigating the software or are curious about new features, our help assistant is always there to assist you.

The help assistant is accessible to all users, but don't worry - we've made sure that the content is restricted according to user permissions. This way, your colleagues will only see the instructions and news that are relevant to them.

We are eager to hear your feedback on the new help assistant and look forward to using your help to further improve the user experience in d.vinci. Just try it out and let us know what you think. We are convinced that the new assistant will help you to make your work even more successful.

You can find more information here: Help Assistant

In the initial period, the help assistant is only available in German.



Permanent posts of job openings in the OData Reporting API

The OData Reporting API can now also be used to retrieve data on permanent posts of a job opening.

You will find an overview of all available data here: OData Reporting API

BetterFilter Applications with Appointments by Application Status
You can now filter applications on the Dashboard, on the Appointments tab, by their application status.
BetterChanged time for the deletion routine
You can set automatic deletion after x days for applications on a final application status. We delete the data accordingly.
The deletion no longer takes place at 6 AM, but at 2 AM
If you have connected external systems, please check whether they retrieve data between 2 AM and 3 AM and change this to a time before or after.
This is only relevant if you have connected external systems or implemented automated reporting at a certain time.
FixedTIFF image files
TIFF image files are no longer supported by d.vinci, because media of this format cannot be processed by all web browsers. Therefore, we have removed the TIFF format from the list of allowed formats in hint texts below file selection buttons.

v2023.8 (04/20/2023)


alt attribute for images

Your images now have an alt attribute that so far cannot be filled due to the use of images for decorative purposes.

v2023.7 (04/05/2023)


New languages

d.vinci applicant management is now also available in the following languages:

  • Danish (da)
  • Norwegian (Bokmål) (nb)
  • Swedish (sv)

Do you have employees who will benefit from being able to use the system in the languages? Just book them at our Customer Service.


v2023.6 (03/23/2023)


Performance of the job advertisement list

Customers with a very large number of application portals and job advertisement templates could have experienced longer loading times for job advertisements in individual cases. We have improved the performance.


Screening Questions in Reporting

Users with the right to view reports may see screening questions even if they are not authorized to do so in their user role. We have added a corresponding note in screening questions.



A few weeks ago we updated the frame and the menu to make for a clearer orientation and more effective use.

We made a few minor changes to improve the user experience even more.

  • It is clearer which item you are about to add to the My Menu.
  • Styling of menu items, such as the application search, has been improved.
  • Menu items with long names are wrapped so that these names are now readable in full.
  • The mobile view of the open menu has been improved.
  • The icons for collapsing and expanding the menu sidebar are now clearer.
  • The mobile view header has been improved.



Entries on the Roles page are now sorted alphabetically in ascending or descending order, as you determine by clicking the headings.


Form fields

It could have occured that changed contents of form fields for e. g. job openings or hiring requests were not transferred to reports. We have fixed this behaviour.


Job advertisement templates

If a job advertisement placement was created in liquid design, its headlines were sometimes displayed in the wrong language. This has been fixed.


v2023.5 (03/09/2023)


A change in receivining system emails

Starting March 21, we will use new IP addresses for sending system emails. This means that emails about daily notifications, tasks, etc. will be coming from the IP network

You can find the information here as well: Basic Settings: Email.

What you must do

Should you have whitelisted our mail server, please add the new IP addresses for a continued sending of emails. Please contact your IT department and forward the text of this entry. They will then know which IPs to add.

This has nothing to do with the IP access rules for your system. You can still log in to the system using the IP addresses you have stored. Only our mail dispatch will change. You as administrators of d.vinci do not have to do anything. Your colleagues from the IT department, however, if necessary to further ensure that you can receive e-mails from your d.vinci system.


Disabled: Calendar entry for applicants

In the last release, we enabled the iCal attachment/calendar entry for applicants.

This resulted in unwanted effects. We have therefore disabled the feature for the time being.

We are currently checking how we can improve the feature to make it available to you in an optimized way later on.


v2023.4 (02/23/2023)


A change in receiving system emails

Starting March 21, we will use new IP addresses for sending system emails. This means that emails about daily notifications, tasks, etc. will be comming from the IP network

You can find the information here as well: Basic Settings: Email.

Why it is important/ What you must do

Should you have whitelisted our mail server, please add the new IP addresses for a continued sending of emails. Please contact your IT department and forward the text of this entry. They will then know which IPs to add.


Calendar entry for applicants

With the appointment confirmation, applicants receive an iCal attachment with the subject and content of the email. This allows applicants to save the appointment directly in their calendar. In case the appointment gets rescheduled, the original entry gets replaced by the new one.


Applicants have the option to click Accept, Tentative, or Decline in the iCal file. However, the applicant's response will not be forwarded to d.vinci.

In the text, applicants are asked to reach out to you, should the date not fit anymore.

Text to applicants

This calendar entry was generated automatically. Confirmations and cancellations will only be processed in your calendar and will not be provided to the sender. If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

How do we enabled?

You don't need to do anything. The feature is automatically enabled as soon as you send a correspondence template with an appointment.

v2023.3 (02/09/2023)


Event data in the Reporting API

Data from the event module can now be retrieved with the OData Reporting API.

For an overview of all retrievable data, check out this article: OData Reporting API.


Checking attachments for viruses/malware 

All documents uploades by applicants as attachments through the application form are checked by us for viruses/malware. In case an attachment with such a malicious program is detected, it will be deleted and an entry will be made in the applicant's history.

For security reasons, the applicants will not be informed about the rejection of the documents.


If you are missing documents in online applications, please check the history entries to see if a compromised document may be the cause. In this case, please contact the applicants and request the documents again.


Requesting a new password
If you want to request a new password, you need to enter your username and email address. Both input fields are marked as mandatory (*). Should you forget any of the required inputs, you will not be able to press the Forgot password button.


In order to improve performance of your job ads and to take search engine optimization into account accordingly, we have limited the upload size of userphotos to 250 KB. If you try to upload larger images, you will receive an message and the upload will not be executed.


Searching for usernames
If you search for a username on the Users page via filters, you will now receive matching suggestions regardless of upper and lower case letters.


Displaying test results
In the map view of applicants, the first result was displayed in the Last test result field when you use the integration of test providers. It now works as expected.


Back button
After completing a form, it is now possible to return to the previously accessed page using the back button.


Under certain circumstances, there was no text displayed for the {JOB_OPENING:COMPANY_NAME} and {JOB_OPENING:COMPANY_ADDRESS_WITHOUT_COUNTRY} placeholders. We have fixed this.


Deactivating job openings
With the permission Job Openings and Job Publications | view according to user groups, a non-functional button for deactivating the job publication was displayed. We have fixed this.


Long loading times
Under certain circumstances, loading times could be longer than average. We have fixed this.


Touch ups on the new frame/new menu

We have adjusted the following system behavior:

  • In the full-text search, the entered text is always displayed
  • The general print view of our pages has been optimized
  • The menu remains permanently pinned in mobile view.

v2023.2 (01/26/2023)


New frame/new menu;

Based on user feedback, we have made changes to the structure of the frame/menu to provide you with clear orientation and ease of use.

  • The page description in the header is slimmer and clearer. You can now see the menu area and - if applicable - the title of the current page there.
    Examples: Job Openings > Job Publication or Applications > Dashboard
    Click the first word (the menu area) to jump there.
  • In the header, you will find a simple back button that will take you to the previous page.
  • We have removed the back-history button because it did not work as expected, was not used very often, and it increased the complexity of the buttons.
    By right-clicking the back button of your browser, you will get to see a list of previously visited pages. You can open them from this list.

  • The menu opens almost across the entire screen, making for a better focus on selecting the desired item.
  • You have been able to customize your menu sidebar for a while now. Starting today, you can click and drag desired menu items directly to the left - into the My Menu section, where you will see these items in the sidebar. More on personalizing your menu: My Menu.



On the page of an open questionnaire, the organizational unit is now also listed in the header area.


Send Job Advertisement

In the Send Job Advertisement feature, longer texts in the Additional Information field could have lead to errors. Now you can enter up to 4,000 characters.

v2023.1 (01/16/2023)


Feedback in the Reporting API

Data from feedback with kununu and from applicant feedback can now be retrieved via the OData Reporting API.

For an overview of all retrievable data, go to the article: OData Reporting API.


Addressing male applicants in German letters
In case of format templates of type Document (Letter) written in German language, the addressing of male applicants was displayed incorrectly when using the placeholder Applicant - Full address.
Male applicants are now correctly addressed by "Herrn" in German letters.


Subjectless messages in mailboxes
Messages without a subject could not have been deleted from mailboxes. Such messages can now be selected and deleted, too.


kununu Feedback Questionnaire

The image in kununu Feedback Questionnaires could not have been displayed. This behavior has been fixed.


Renaming of usernames

Usernames in which only the upper case letter or lower case letter has been changed could not have been renamed. This is not the case anymore.