v2022.25 (12/15/2022)

NEWHiring request data in the reporting API
Data from created hiring requests can now be retrieved via the oData Reporting API.
For an overview of all retrievable data, go to the article: OData Reporting API.
BetterLogout after password change
When users change their password via the user menu in the top right corner (see screenshot), they are logged out in all browsers.
Users who change their password via the user menu on their smartphones, on a different device or in a different browser need to log in there again using a new password.
This only applies to the login procedure using a user name/password. It is not necessary in case of single sign-on.
BetterExceptions to IP access rules
The selectable options are now labeled more clearly.
BetterPerformance of job advertisement templates and application portals
Many lists on job advertisement templates and application portal pages were causing long loading times. These have been improved significantly.
FixedQuestionnaire for Forwarding
In special cases, there were no screening questions selecatble in a Questionnaire for Forwarding. We managed to fix this behavior in the previous week already.
FixedDisplay of application lists
When viewing content on mobile devices, the application list was displayed with too much empty space every now and then. This display has been fixed.
FixedEditing media
Images in the Media section could not be edited. We managed to fix this behavior with a hotfix in the previous week already.
FixedPreview image in a job publication
If an image was selected in the job publication, its preview was not displayed. We managed to fix this behavior with a hotfix in the previous week already.

v2022.24 (12/01/2022)


Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported in the application portal

From 01.01.2023, calling up the application portal and, accordingly, the application form by applicants with Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported

This browser has been used by very few applicants in recent months. We are thus saving development resources that we can profitably use elsewhere for your benefit.

Read the help article here for more information on browser support.


Mobile phone number in the user 

Additional to the telephone number in the user, the field mobile can now also be filled. Colleagues and / or applicants have so a second possibility of direct contact.

Via a placeholder applicants can get shown the mobile number.

The placeholders can be inserted here

What is entered in the field mobile will be 1:1 be what will be shown to the applicants. No number validation takes place.

Export possibilities


Validity of one-time passwords

For security reasons, one-time passwords are only valid for 48 hours.

E-mails with a one-time password are generated in the following situations:

  • A new user is created with the username/password option set to Yes
  • Reset password is set in the user
  • On the login page, password forgotten is set

If a login attempt is made after 48 hours, an error message appears.

In that case, you must click forget password or reset password to request a new password.



We have made a few changes at the page Media.

  • The hint text about the file formats has been supplemented with more formats
  • A preview image now appears when creating an image
  • A preview link for the image can be called for all created images

If you have set a bookmark for a picture in your browser, you have to create it again. Our internal links have changed with the conversion.


Switching the tab when editing

When editing elements, it could happen that when changing the tab, the edit button disappeared afterwards. This is no longer the case. 


Security on the application portals page 

The page application portals now reloads whenever a user takes action.

Previously, on certain pages in the menu, users could not be logged out after 4 hours of inactivity. This is now fixed. 


Display in report "Processed Time since Application Entry Date"

It happened that the report was displayed incorrectly. This was fixed last week by a hotfix.


Prefined country in the application form

If a country is selected in the organizational unit, this country will be preset as default in the application form and the corresponding address fields will be displayed to the applicants. This behavior was sometimes erroneous in the past. 


Changes in the multiposting 
There will be an update in multiposting on 11/18 at 8pm.
Read more about the changes here: Update of the Multiposting

v2022.23 (11/17/2022)


Internet Explorer 11 no longer supported in application portal

From 01.01.2023, calling up the application portal and, accordingly, the application form by applicants with Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported.

This browser has been used by very few applicants in recent months. We are thus saving development resources that we can profitably use elsewhere for your benefit.

Read the help article here for more information on browser support.


Changed styling in applicant form 

We have made technical changes to the file upload and the 5-star ranking in the screening questions. With this, we ensure even better accessibility.


Please check the appearance of your application form. To do this, click on the Apply button in a job advertisement on your website and access the application form. 

If you notice any mistakes, please write an email with a screenshot and a description of how it should appear to service-desk@dvinci.de.


Error message for correspondence without booking link (Calendar Integration Plus)

If the selected correspondence template does not contain a booking link when the Applicant selects appointment function has been activated, the text now more clearly indicates the missing placeholder


v2022.22 (11/03/2022)

NEWExceptions for IP access rules
With IP access rules, you can already restrict who is allowed to access your d.vinci and get a login mask. Now you can add exceptions for the IPs. Accesses from other IP ranges are then allowed for individual applications/system areas.

What is it good for?
BI tools often work with constantly changing IPs. By using the exception, these tools can fetch data from other IP ranges at any time.

How does it work?
An example: The BI tool should read data from the reporting interface?
Enter the IPs through which your users get access. For IP access rules exceptions, select the reporting interface value.

It it safe?
Yes. The data will still be protected by the previously created API user and by the generated token.
NEWNew value for the Job Publication Apply API
You import applications from our partners into your d.vinci applicant management?
With the new property "partner" you can now track which application channel (Talk'n'Job, WhatsApp, StepStone Quickapply) the applications came from.

Valid values:
You can access the related API documentation here: Application Apply REST API documentation
BetterPlaceholders in questionnaires for forwarding
Additional placeholders can now be used in the introduction and consent texts of questionnaires for forwarding:
All placeholders with reference to the company and to the responsible user.
FixedBetter display on My Reports page
The labeling of the individual data points/axes is now easier to read, even with many values. Additionally, zooming on the X-axis is possible again.
FixedCalendar Integration Plus: Loading rooms from Office 365 and Exchange
In order for the d.vinci system to access lists of rooms, there is a special configuration requirement for Office 365 and Exchange. Please forward the following link to the official Cronofy documentation to your IT administrator: Resource and room lists.

v2022.21 (10/20/2022)

BetterOData reporting interface faster and more stable
In case of large data volumes, our Odata reporting interface now performs faster and more stable.
FixedLanguage of confirmation message in a questionnaire
When creating a new questionnaire in German, the content of the confirmation message was occasionally populated with an English text. This error has been fixed.
FixedLanguage of type selection in a questionnaire
In rare cases, when creating a questionnaire in the German language version of the d.vinci system, the contens of the "Type" selection fields was displayed in English. This error has been fixed.

v2022.20 (10/06/2022)

BetterHeadings of job advertisement in liquid design
For security reasons, we have decided to no longer support HTML elements in heading fields (Introduction, Tasks, Profile etc.) of liquid design job advertisement templates. Therefore, these fields of a job advertisement template are no longer mandatory. If you wish to hide a heading in your job advertisement, you do not need to insert a HTML code into the heading field anymore - simply leave the field empty.

If a HTML code is indeed inserted into the field, the d.vinci system will display an error message with the following note immediately after clicking the "Update all" button:
For security reasons, it is no longer possible to use HTML elements.

In this case, please empty the heading field and click the Update all button again. Your paragraph will be saved without a heading.
Note on posting at StepStone
Please note that StepStone automatically populates empty headings of job advertisements in d.vinci with its own default texts.

Note on layout changes
You would like to customize your layout for job advertisements? Visual elements, such as line breaks or colors, can be customized to your liking with the help of a custom stylesheet. In a short exchange appointment, we will discuss your layout wishes and expectations as well as tips from our side. Simply contact us and we will try to get as close as possible to your specifications.

This improvement was implemented as a hotfix after the release of version 2022.20.
Fixed101 job advertisement templates
We have noticed that only the first 100 entries are displayed in lists of job advertisement templates. This behavior has been corrected and if there are more than 100 job advertisement templates created, all of them will be displayed in the list again.
FixedIncorrect display of the address field in format templates
When generating a document using the format template of type "Document", the content of the applicant address - placeholder "Applicant - Address (complete)" - was cut off after the applicant's name. As a result, address data was displayed only partially or not at all. We have fixed this issue and applicant addresses are displayed without errors again.
FixedIncorrect addressing of appointment participants
The content of email messages to appointment participants cannot be personalized, which is why some participants were addressed inappropriately. That is why we decided to use the universal greeting "Hello". The greeting is followed by and introductory sentence about either a new appointment or an appointment rescheduling. Both types of content are concluded with a new, identical text:

Kind regards,
d.vinci powered by Cronofy

v2022.19 (09/22/2022)

NEWUser interface for editing job advertisement templates
With version 2022.19 of d.vinci Applicant Tracking System, we introduce a redesign of the user interface in the area of job advertisement templates.

Editing job advertisement templates
Field groups of job advertisement templates of an application portal are no longer edited via the icon and a new page, but from now on via field groups. The same applies to editing HTML content. If required and depending on activated foreign language licenses, all content can also be edited in multiple languages in parallel.

Adding image files
Images can now be added to job advertisement templates by using the drag-and-drop gesture in any area for image upload, making the process more intuitive.

Relocating job advertisement templates
We have removed the Relocate button. From now on, you simply need to open the Data tab and activate the editing mode by clicking the icon. Then, you can relocate your job advertisement template by changing the organizational unit. However, if you select an organizational unit that does not fit, you will be notified about it via an error message right below the Organizational unit field and you will be able to correct your selection.

We hope that we have managed to make your work with job advertisement templates much more intuitive, concise, and convenient.
BetterHints in input fields
Gray hints in input fields will now be automatically hidden from view as soon as you have clicked into the field. By that, you will no longer be visually disturbed by these hints when entering your content. This behavior has been improved system-wide.

FixedSalutation for non-binary applicants
When sending correspondence to non-binary applicants, the system occasionally used the wrong salutation (with "Mr.", "Ms.", or "Mrs."). We have fixed this error and the system no longer uses a gender-based salutation, as long as the salutation is set to "Mx.". Then, the correct salutation - in this case "Mx." - will be used automatically in correspondence templates (in greetings and placeholder contents, such as in applicant addresses), too.

FixedDeleting messages with user group permission
In Messages, we have added a hint and changed the button label to make all users aware that selected messages with user group permission will be deleted for all users. The confirmation button now says "Delete for all".

In Menu -> General Administration -> Activity Log, all system events are logged so that you can track who made a change and when. Here you can user filtering and see which user has deleted which messages for all users by the icon next to the entry for a message.  To see the entries in Activity Log, you need the permission Activity Log | view.

v2022.18 (09/08/2022)

NEWRoom booking (Calendar integration Plus)
Rooms can be now loaded into d.vinci via calendar integration and created for appointment locations in master data.

Appointments on site
As soon as you get the need to create an appointment on site, you can select a room created for the appointment location from the list.

Appointment booking by applicant
When the applicant books an appointment, you can decide whether a room is required.
Once the applicant has selected an appointment, the first vacant room created for the appointment location will be assigned to it. You can then check this in the application, in the Activities tab, under Appointments and, if necessary, reschedule the appointment.
BetterRSS Feed arrangement
RSS feeds are usually used in a very similar way to newsletters. Therefore, RSS feeds are now sorted by the publication date (PubDate) in descending order, so that you can control whether a job publication should appear as new again or not. This is in accordance with the way how our widgets are being displayed.
FixedForm fields of job openings
In the OData reporting interface, not all answers to form fields of job openings were transferred from the d.vinci system to external systems and consequently could not be used for larger evaluations. The technical error has been fixed and after a data synchronization the system behaves as expected again.

v2022.17 (08/25/2022)

NEWData protection hint when sending comments
We have added a hint on data protection below the comment field that appears in an application, in the status change, and when sending a recommendation.
The hint appears as soon as you select the recipient of your comment.In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we recommend to avoid entering personal data in a comment, as comments sent by email are not captured by the system's deletion routine.
NEWMessage recipient selection and HR service provider
When working with recruitment agencies, you can now choose who should receive your message: The applicant, the HR service provider, or the applicant and HR service provider (Cc). You select this in the field Recipient, which appears right after you have selected your correspondence template.
The recipient is now also documented in the application history, where you can see the recipient of the message and - if applicable - also the recipient of the copy (Cc) by clicking the message icon.If you select multiple applications for a status change, your messages will automatically be sent to the personnel service providers if they are present in the applications - otherwise to the applicants.
FixedThe display of status change button
If too many shortcuts were displayed, it could happen that the status change button was not visible. Shortcuts are now displayed in two rows to ensure that the button is always visible.
FixedReporting of job opening costs
Reporting data Costs of Job Openings, which originate from a time before Q4-2021, were not available in the reporting interface. These have now been provided retrospectively.
FixedBlank data field after a failed Excel export
If too many records were to be exported to an Excel file and the export failed as a result, the Data field in the Properties section was subsequently displayed as blank in the form. This is no longer the case.

v2022.16 (08/11/2022)


Placeholder for appointment postponement (Calendar Integration Plus)

If an appointment booking period has expired, you can now insert both old and new appointment data into the correspondence template using placeholders.

We provide the following placeholders for this purpose: 


New agency channel Social Recruiting

The Agency Channel Social Recruiting allows you to request social media ads from our mediateam. No matter if Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or others. Here our colleagues will help you in the area of Social Recruiting.


Display of the link to the appointment booking (Calendar Integration Plus)
The link for the appointment booking by the applicant is no longer multi-line, but hidden behind the text "Link to booking page".


Comments as detail in the calendar entries

If a comment is added when an appointment is created, the comment is now also written to the calendar entry (iCal) of the internal participants. The comment is displayed both in the calendar entry and in the application history.

 Example calendar entry (In English would the test be written behind Commentar:) 


Notification to users with wrong content

In a rare configuration it could happen that the notification about an incoming message was sent to users without an application permission.


Display of questionnaires

Questionnaires were displayed where the organizational unit of the questionnaire did not match that of the application portal. Thus, the questionnaire could not be processed. This can now no longer occur.



In the second half of July 2022, we took care of general maintenance of the system to ensure stability and the best possible experience with using our product. Since we are saving new features for version 2022.16, we will keep the applicant tracking system on the last version - v2022.14 - until the next release.

v2022.14 (07/14/2022)


News area on the login page

Next to the field for entering the login data, you will also see an image gallery. The pictures will inform you about news in your d.vinci or HR-News. Click an image and you will be redirected to a website with more information.


Technological Modernization - Application Portals

In this release, the page Application Portals has been modernized.

Changes in content are now made in the respective section.


Translations for the heading or footer are maintained via the respective language badge.



Screening questions at StepStone (Quick Apply)

Screening questions of type text (4-120 characters) are not taken over by StepStone when using Quick Apply from the applicant form, because they are technically incompatible.


When using StepStone Quick Apply, please check that the applicant form only contains screening questions that use a different type. If necessary, you have to create a new screening question and store it in the application questionnaire.


Additional header in kununu feedback questionnaire

The Additional Header is now also output for applicant forms of type kununu feedback questionnaire.


v2022.13 (06/30/2022)


Mandatory sending of correspondence 

When configuring an application status, it is now possible to make sending correspondence a mandatory field.

You want to create application status with a mandatory field for correspondence?

Edit application status and select Yes for the field Correspondence Mandatory



Technological modernization - Questionnaires

In this release, the page Questionnairs with all subpages has been modernized and the complexity reduced. The input masks have become more intuitive. Entries are now made directly at the point where the data will also be visible later.

  • The tab Intro Page is always shown and can be enabled/disabled and filled with content there.
  • Screening Questions are added directly in the tab Form.


Appointment booking with MS Teams link

The link to MS Teams is now also generated when the applicant books an appointment.

v2022.11 (06/16/2022)


Unique names of locations

An alternative name can now be entered for the external display of locations if required. This way, several branches/locations in one city can be clearly distinguished.

The name of the location is only visible within d.vinci (for example at job openings). The external name is displayed externally via interface and placeholder.


You don't have to do anything if you are satisfied with the external presentation of your place names or the internal recognizability.

However, if you want to make your internal names more speakable, please revise the places and maintain both the name and the external name.

If you do not maintain an External Name, the value from the Name field will be used. (See screenshot)

Do you have to inform job boards and co. about a change?

No. The value behind Additional information for external systems does not change. For job boards and co. no change is necessary.


Special Characteristics in the history

If a new Special Characteristics is added or removed, this is now documented with a single entry in the history for each. The logging takes place in all applications that a person has active.


New Application Status Icons for medical officers

There are new icons for pplication statuses that refer to medical officers.

Status Icons for medical officers in the system:


Display long names for organizational units

If the cursor of the mouse is held over the name of the organizational unit, the name is displayed in full length as a tooltip. This way, even long organizational units whose beginning is always the same can now be identified without any doubt.

v2022.11 (06/02/2022)


New Additional Headers 

We have now also added the ability to insert custom code in various places in the system to add additional properties to external views (tracking example) or to style them individually.

More information can be found here: Additional header


Position of the help menu

The question mark of the Help Menu has been moved to the top right of the user. This makes it easier to find. It still requires the permission Help Portal Access to see the Help Menu. 

Expanded with full functionality that you can generate:


Note for non-existing data 

If no data is available in a view, a corresponding note now appears. 

This is the case, for example, in the application overview, job openings, hiring requests and events


Status change for job openings is easier

To change the status of a job opening, we have added buttons Activate/Deactivate and Archive in the job opening. When editing a job opening, changing the status is done using the buttons only and no longer using the   icon.  Archive replaces the status Closed.


Faster text input for filters and modals

If a  filter is selected that has a text field, it is now possible to write directly into the text field. The mouse does not have to be moved there and clicked first. 

This is also the case with pop-up ads that may include text input. 


Restructuring in the application portal area

The interface that job boards use (Job Publication API) is always publicly accessible. This is represented when creating an application portal by the Interface field and the links to JSON, XML and RSS behind it.

As before, the field Application Import can be used to control how applications, for example from job boards or employee referral programs, can be transferred into the system. Read more here: Applica tion Import .


Naming of reports

We have removed the word "number" in front of the Excel raw data reports, as it was expected to get a number of e.g. tenders and not a detailed list of tenders as it is currently the case. 


If you want to get the report data automatically, you have to make adjustments in your data import. Otherwise you will get an error message when importing the data into your tool or no data will be displayed. 


  • jobOpeningCount.xlsx must now be called jobOpening.xlsx 
  • applicationPaperCount.xlsx must now be called applicationPaper.xlsx 

Direct input for time selection    

It is now possible to enter times directly as numbers in all browsers. 

If you want to use the dropdown menu with the times, press the clock symbol. 


Display of the e-mail preview

If mandatory fields have not been filled in yet, these fields are now highlighted and a warning "Mandatory field" appears. Only when all mandatory fields have been maintained can the email preview be generated.  


Display of the general screen

It could happen that when the General Image was changed, the content was not changed. This is now no longer the case. 

v2022.10 (05/19/2022)


Single sign-on configuration at Azure Active Directory requires an update

Otherwise the SSO cannot be used from today (05/19 at 6:30 PM) on anymore.

Please forward these instructions to your IT manager: Click here for instructions
All administrators of d.vinci will receive a warning message as pop-up until the adjustment is done.


New font

From now on, the Calibri Light font can  be used in the format templates.


Status transitions easier to find

By using the search box in the menu and starting to type the words status transitions, the search now narrows down to show you the Permissions button. Clicking this buttons leads to Permissions, in which application status transitions can be created.

We are currently considering further improvements in this area.


Configuring Questionnaires

You can now upload an image to the confirmation page tab of a questionnaire, edit the confirmation message and add your own text to the content.

Additionally, we have updated the Consent section of the Form tab. The configuration options of the consent are now hidden in a distinct manner behind the edit icon.



Group permission filtering

After logging in, users with a user group no longer had the filter With group permission: Yes active for the Applications menu item. This does no longer occur.


Timepicker in other languages

When creating appointments in another language, the time picker did sometimes not work as expected. This has been fixed as a hot fix prior to this release.


v2022.9 (05/05/2022)


Single sign-on configuration at Azure Active Directory requires an update

Otherwise the SSO cannot be used from May the 20th on.

Please forward these instructions to your IT manager: Click here for instructions
All administrators of d.vinci will receive a warning message as pop-up until the adjustment is done.


Calendar Integration Plus

A few months ago, we introduced the feature of connecting your calendars to d.vinci in a free version (Basic), making it easier to manage appointment organisation.

The paid version (Pro) is now available, too.

If you are interested in the Pro version, do not hesitate to send an email to Customer Service, who will be happy to send you an offer.

On top of the features included in the Basic version, the Pro version introduces these features:

  • Organization-wide, centrally controlled connection of calendars and monitoring of calendar connections
  • Users can define availability and thus determine the timeframe of an appointment booking
  • Applicants can book appointments themselves, picking a timeslot from a list of available ones
  • Rooms can be created in d.vinci and selected when creating an appointment (currently under development)
  • d.vinci provides you with support during the initial setup of calendar integration in your organization
You can read more about these features in: Calendar Integration

Copying layouts

Existing layouts can now be duplicated by clicking the  Copy button.

You can read more about this feature in: Copy Layout


We have improved the way time can be selected in the system. The time is now selected via two fields. The design differs slightly depending on the device used. In one broweser, a value can simply be selected here, while another browser might display a dropwdown, as in the screenshot below). This depends on the selected browser and cannot be influenced by us.

Display in Chrome:


Process-time calculation in Reporting
When reporting on the data Time to Hire, Time to Interview, and Processing time, the data is now being calculated only for active applications. Reduced and deleted applications are no longer taken into the calculation. 


Back history button

When clicking the back history button , some entries were missing in the list of previously viewed pages.


v2022.8 (04/21/2022)


Single sign-on configuration needs an update

Otherwise the SSO cannot be used from May the 20th on.

Please forward these instructions to your IT manager: Click here for instructions
All administrators of d.vinci will receive a warning message as pop-up until the adjustment is done.


Confirmation page of questionnaires

In questionnaires of the type questionnaire and applicant form there is now the possibility to upload an image in the tab Confirmation page. In addition, an individual text can be used as confirmation message.


Crawlability of jobcrawler

Due to the way some job crawlers work, the FontAwesome icons used in Benefits, for example, could not be displayed in some cases.


Horizontal line in emails

Until now, horizontal lines were not displayed in the email. If they are now inserted by the editor, they can also be displayed.


Filter at job openings

The filter of job openings Ongoing release process no longer pays attention to deleted releases.

v2022.7 (04/07/2022)


Single sign-on configuration needs an update

Otherwise the SSO cannot be be used from May the 20th on. 

Please forward these instructions to your IT manager: Click here for instructions


Hints for Screening Questions 

Screening Questions can now also be supplemented with hint texts. The texts appear below the input field and are displayed wherever an entry can be made in the screening question. (Application Form, Application, Status Change)

To display the help text, it is necessary to edit the screening question. In the Description section, Display help text: Yes must be set. A new Help text input area appears. The additional message to the person filling in the form can be entered here.


Time of the Daily Notification

We have moved up the dispatch time of the Daily Notification to 6am.


API help texts 

In the API for editing Users we have made the error description more understandable.


Input validation

If a text input exceeds the maximum length, there is now always an error message.


Application photo display

For customers who did not have a default application portal (URL path: /) set up, the photo of applicants could not be displayed. This is now fixed.



A misleading value was output for a tooltip by mouse-over.


Display error when creating a publication channel

When creating a Job Publication Channel with a preassigned Organizational Unit, the organizational unit is now also displayed in the overview after saving.

v2022.6 (03/24/2022)


Single sign-on confguration needs an update

By May 19, customers using single sign-on must make changes in their identity provider. Otherwise, the SSO cannot be used after that date.
Administrators will see a corresponding note with a link to our instructions after logging in.

Please provide this guide to your IT managers and ask them to make the changes:
Click here for the instructions


Transfer of job opening informations

Agency channels can be used to obtain support for the job posting via our personnel marketing. Form fields which are filled in the job posting can now also appear in the email to colleagues or via Send Job Advertisement to other service providers. To do this, the form field must be configured as follows: Transmit via API: yes. For example, a salary range can be communicated, which some job boards require.

Please check if you are working with colleagues or sending publications to service providers via Send Job Ad if you need to adjust your form fields so that the transfer can take place.

A small reminder: The information from the form fields can also be transferred to other service providers via the API.

Other useful articles:


Technological Modernization: Job Publication Channels 

In this release, the Job Publication Channels page was modernized. Data storage times and response times of the page have thus been improved. Editing is now possible inline, which means that you must first click in the field, then the editor opens.


Deletion periods 

We have adjusted the deletion periods.

Minimum: 14 days

Maximum: 1095 days

Attention: When adjusting the deletion periods, the data protection officers should be involved in any case in order to keep the applicant data in compliance with the law.


Status change

  • If applicants have not entered an e-mail address, it is no longer possible to select a correspondence template.
  • If no status change is possible for applicants, the note "The status change is not allowed" now appears and a button leads back to the application list.

This applies to: Appointment postponements, Rejections, Send info, Replies to messages and Status changes.

v2022.5 (03/10/2022)


Iframe integration for job boards

Some job boards embed their job ads through Iframe. You now have the option to activate Iframe in the settings of the application portals.  

If you have used Iframe in the past, feel free to check if the setting is set to "Yes" in your application portal. Normally, we have been able to transfer previous embeds. 

For the display on your website, we strongly recommend not to use Iframe. Read more about this here: Displaying job ads via Iframe


Attachments display at status change

You want to send an e-mail with a status change and have added attachments the the status before?

You can now view the contents of the attachments. To do this, simply click on the title of the attachment.


Neutral address

We have adapted the form of address for some system texts. This way, it is appropriate, no matter whether you say "Du" or "Sie" to adress someone in german. 

  • Daily notification
    Before: Dear {gender} {last name},
    the following contents in your d.vinci system need your attention:
    New: Dear {gender} {last name},
    here are the news in the d.vinci system:
  • Application Portal
    Before: Welcome to our career portal. Here you will find our current job offers.
    New: Welcome to our career portal.

Test the calendar integration

When you enabled calendar integration, all users were prompted to connect their calendars. You can now decide whether to prompt users to connect their calendars. This allows you to test the calendar integration with some users first and only after a successful test to ask other users to act.

If you choose No, your users will still be able to access the menue item "My User" after the calendar integration has been activated. Only the following prompt to connect the calendar is omitted, which is displayed after login:


Status of the appointment participants

If an appointment for which commitments/cancellations already exist was changed without rescheduling/time change when calendar integration was active, the status of the appointment participants was reset. Confirmations and cancellations are now retained.


Number of multiple selection elements

We have increased the maximum number of displayable items in the multiple selection filter to 150. Previously, this was set to 49 items. This meant that sometimes not all values (e.g. Benefits) could be displayed.


kununu export

During the kununu export entries were cut off after 255 characters, now 4000 characters are possible. Don't worry, the transfer was done correctly at any time, we had corrected this manually so far.


Matching the email address in the calendar integration

If the email address in the calendar connection was spelled differently than in the user due to upper and lower case, the connection could not be established. 

Upper and lower case are now ignored.


Multiple status change with questionnaire

If you had performed a multiple status switch with a questionnaire stored, this questionnaire was not preselected and had to be entered manually. This has now been corrected.


Display if multiple status change is not possible

  • If a multiple status change is not possible for applications, only the data of the first valid applicant will be displayed. 
  • If no status change is possible at all, you will see this clearly and can jump back to the previous page by pressing a button.

v2022.4 (02/24/2022)


Editor in the Layouts

A language changer has been added to the title and footer of the layouts. This lists all languages that are active in the system. It allows you to quickly translate the title and footer into other languages.

If you have only one active language in the system, there will be no language changer. By default, the language changer is set to the user's language.

If all is selected in the language changer, input fields with language labels will appear.
If you want to enter translations for more than one language, press all. If more than one language is selected, the button to confirm the entries is called "Update all".

By default, the content is displayed in read-only mode. This means that the HMTL editor will not be displayed until the edit icon  is clicked and you click into the content afterwards.


Better crawlability 

One job board was having troubles reading our job advertisements because there was no .css in the layout link. We have now added this to the job list/widget and the job advertisement.



For reports on job openings, it is now possible to clearly distinguish whether the listed job opening is a deleted one or not. The status column in the report then shows deleted.


Availability check with activated calenderintegration

  • Colors are now displayed correctly
  • Users with the system language English, who are online via a German browser, now get all elements displayed in English, as it should be
  • If a user's connection to Cronofy has subsequently become faulty for some reason, this is displayed as a warning during the availability check


v2022.3 (02/10/2022)

NEWMinimum password length adjustable

The minimum password length can be changed via the Security tab in the Basic Settings for all users. 8 characters are still the minimum. There are no upper limits.

Users who already have a password are not affected by the change. They will not be prompted to set a new password. For existing users, it will only be relevant when their password is reset or they request a new password.


You want all or certain d.vinci users to use a longer password?

You can reset the password manually for the user or export a user export, take the email addresses from it and ask the users via email to set a new password.

NEWConflict check at the Data Import

When importing data via XML and API interface, a conflict check is now also triggered if the applicant data is the same.

NEWCheck the calendar integration status
  • In the User there is a new tab Calendar. Here you can see whether a user has connected his calendar and which e-mail address is used for it.
  • In the user overview, a calendar icon  appears when the calendar is connected.
  • By using the filter Status Calendar Integration in the user overview, the list view can be restricted according to the desired question.
    By setting the filter and triggering the user export, a list of all users and the status of the calendar integration can be downloaded.

Filter in the overview lists

Two filters are now clearly named as Application Status and Job Opening Status.

In the past, they were just called Status. In some views, it was not clear which filter was selected.


Appointment date reached

It could happen that an automated status change with the trigger Appointment Date Reached  was set by the system at the wrong time. For example, if an appointment was backdated. 


File formats with capitalized PDF (.PDF) are now accepted by the system.

v2022.2 (01/27/2022)

NEWCalender Integrieren in d.vinci

The Calendar Integration in der Basic version is now available. 

Thus, you have access to your Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud or Google calendar in your d.vinci and can see your free appointments as well as those of your colleagues. This way, you can easily book and manage appointments directly in the system - so you save valuable time!

NEWTechnological Modernisations

We are constantly working on improving d.vinci and also keeping it technologically up to date. With v2021.23, we have started a series of technical modernizations that are gradually being implemented throughout the system: The edit mode replaces the edit input form. That is, pressing the edit item icon   no longer exits the displayed page to edit content in an input form. Instead, the page switches to an edit mode and the changes can be made immediately on the same page. On the technical side, this is an expression of modernization in the background. But from a user perspective, this also makes editing easier, as there are fewer page changes and loading times are also reduced. In this release, the Layouts page has been modernized.

In diesem Release wurde die Seite Layouts modernisiert. Hierbei können nun auch per Drag & Drop Bilder in den jeweiligen Feldern abgelegt werden.


Create Unsolicited Job Opening now has its own button. Until now, when creating a job opening, you could decide on whether it would be an unsolicited job opening. In 99% of all cases, however, it was not. Therefore, to shorten the input form, the Unsolicited Job Opening field was removed. Instead, on the Job Openings page, there is now a new button  Unsolicited Job Opening next to the  Job Opening button.


There is now a new permission Messages | Reply. The previous authorization Messages | Reply + Send info remains in place and you can replace it with the new authorization to revoke the right to send info.
The rights to send information and reply to messages have so far been assigned in one authorization. However, it can happen that, for example, departments should answer messages without being able to send information. For this reason, we created the new permission.


In the HTML editor of hirng requests, the attribute "target" was not supported in links. This attribute can be used to set whether the link should be displayed in the same tab/window or in a new tab/window (e.g. target="_blank").

v2022.1 (1/13/2022)


For making appointments, a set of new appointment placeholder is available. With these, you can decide wether to display participant lists as enumeration with dots or as running text, with first name only or full name, and wether to name the participants' position or department.


In the job publication, the job opening status is now displayed as an icon with a tooltip next to the job opening main title. In this way, you can more easily see wether or not the job opening is active - depending on which the job publication may or may not be published.


To improve the user experience with the software interface, a few small but subtle screws have been turned:

  • The Request New Password page now has a Cancel button. Press this button to cancel the password request process and return to the actual login page.
  • On the Job Openings page, job opening status icons now display a tooltip when hovering a mouse above them. This way it becomes clear what meaning an job opening status icon has.
  • Filters and selected filter options are closer together to be perceived as belonging together more.
  • The Attachments tab in the application, job opening, and hiring request now looks more clean.
  • In the screening questions in the application, there is now the icon  which indicates that the list can be expanded and collapsed with it. 
  • When you try to drag and drop an item in the menu, the icon  will alert you where you cannot move it.

It often happens that users are temporarily assigned new roles and permissions that are subsequently revoked again - e.g. that departments get temporary access to applications that they would normally not be able to see. In the course of this, it could happen that the resulting temporary information was not cleared from the computer's cache in time and that contents that were no longer up-to-date were displayed in d.vinci - e.g. that the department could still see the application even though the necessary permission had already been revoked. d.vinci now updates cached information faster and more reliably in order to always display up-to-date content correctly.


The job publication API has been supplemented. It now also transfers:

  • the URL to the image of the responsible user, if available
  • the position of the responsible user, if any

(The fields do not appear if the parameter "?fields=small" is set).


In emails sent by the system to d.vinci users, the reference value of correspondences ("Application on") was in the Job Opening field. This has been fixed, so that the job opening field shows the main title of the job opening.